Using a trampoline is very safe, as long as you follow some basic safety precautions.

  1. Always make sure there is mature, adult supervision.
  2. Trampolines with a height of more than 50cm are not recommended for children under 6 years old.
  3. Inspect the trampoline and enclosure each time before you use it to make sure it is in good condition.
  4. Don’t use the trampoline in wet or gusty conditions.
  5. Bounce in the centre of the mat.
  6. Only one person should jump on the trampoline inside the enclosure at a time. Use of a trampoline by more than one person is very dangerous and can result in serious injury.
  7. To stop bouncing, flex your knees as you land on the trampoline mat. Learn this skill before attempting to learn any others.
  8. Enter and exit the trampoline via the door and always climb in/out. Never use the trampoline as a launch pad on to other objects.
  9. Always control your bounce and don’t jump higher than your ability.
  10. Practice and master basic skills before attempting more advanced ones.
  11. Do not use the trampoline while under the influence of alcohol, medication or other substances that may effect either your balance or comprehension.
  12. Keep cigarettes and flammable objects away from the trampoline.
  13. Maintain a clear area around the trampoline.
  14. Do not allow children to play close or under the trampoline while it is being used.
  15. Be careful not to wear clothing with loops, drawstrings, hooks or decorative fixings.
  16. Read all of the manufacturer’s instructions carefully before using the trampoline.
  17. Don’t attach anything to the trampoline or safety net unless the manufacturer has approved it.

If you follow these simple guidelines you’ll ensure that your trampoline experience is as safe as it is fun.

Safety Tips
Don't be afraidTrampolining is very safe as long as you follow some sensible guidellines
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